singing lessons

Online and Offline.

Discover your full vocal power!

Learn to sound natural and free in an effortless way without breaking or restricting the function and quality of your singing voice.

Get more vocal power and volume.

Avoid difficulties when singing high-pitched sounds, no more feelings of tightness in your throat.

Learn to sing high-pitched sounds for a longer time without voice damage and voice fatigue.

Keep your voice safe and sound even when singing extreme styles or under excessive use.

For whom are these special singing lessons designed?

No matter whether you are a professional or amateur singer, member or leader of a choir, speaker or candidate for a music examination or song contest, never mind the genre of music you prefer, you will learn how to sing in a new way you never thought possible, this is thanks to the IVA method I use.
And the best: voice damage and voice fatigue can and will be prevented!


Improvements you can expect:

  • perseverence in singing
  • increase of voice range to your fullest potential
  • better intonation and expressiveness
  • breathing and respiration technology
  • resonance – sound – and timbre
  • dynamic
  • vocal expression
  • vocal health
  • Quality concerning all styles and techniques
leidenschaftliche sängerin

This is what you can expect

Excellent Quality

Ausgezeichnete Qualität

I am an advanced, licensed IVA teacher of The Institute for Vocal Advancement and I am qualified to offer the highest possible and internationally recognized vocal education and pedagogy. We are always up-to-date on the latest scientific development of vocal advancement. Even stars are our students.

Broad Knowledge Base

Breit gefächertes Fachwissen

In addition to the training of singing I have diplomas playing various instruments; I am also a certified choir director and teacher of music. I am not focused on a special musical style. The theory of music, rhythm and ear training are included as useful tools in my teaching program.


Langjährige Erfahrung

You can have trust in my long experience of voice teaching. I have worked continuously for many years with people of different backgrounds, different musical styles and from ages 4 – 76 years.

I´ve been there

I´ve been there

Singing can be quite a challenge. I know from personal experience how much hard work it takes to train a voice. I know the feeling and I can lead you on the way to acquire a free voice, and this thanks to the technique by which I radically improved my own voice.

Individual Learning

Individuelles Lernen

There are no standardized voice training lessons, instead every lesson is tailored to suit your individual needs. Every single voice is unique, just like every human being. You will get the right excercices your voice needs at the moment.

Flexible Schedule

Flexibles Unterrichtsmodell

Each and every lesson is individually arranged. There is no fixed weekly schedule (unless wanted), no year-long contract and no paid holidays during which no lessons are taught.

Positive Environment

Positives Umfeld

You will feel safe and at ease in the relaxed atmosphere of my studio, there are no other listeners. Teaching persons and training their voice is both my passion as my motivation. Have fun!

Online Voice Training

Online Gesangsunterricht

Online lessons have been offered and practiced for many years, and in English, too. This offers you the opportunity to continue your lessons world-wide, whether at home or on a private or business trip.